Amma Swimming with Village Children

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After the 2004 tsunami

Amma swimming with children whose village was devastated by the tsunami, in order to help them overcome their fear of water.

When Amma stepped down into the water, to be frank, the kids simply went wild. The pool exploded with screams, splashes and the general mayhem associated with a large group of children in a body of water. It certainly was hard to believe that only a week before some of these kids were afraid to even put a foot in the water.

Amma spent the next hour or so helping various children to swim around the pool. Often She would offer slight support to their bodies as they propelled themselves forward with kicks and strokes. Amma also would have the smaller children hold on to Her back as She swam back and forth, from place to place. She taught them how to hold their nose as they went under and showed them how there was no need to wipe their face each time they lifted their heads from the water.

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