Amma Videos 2006

Amrita Setu

The President of India unveils the plaquevideo
The President of India unveils the plaque dedicating Amrita Setu to the villagers of Alappad in the presence of Amma.  After walking up the bridge for a view, both descend the stairs.  The bridge is part of the MAM Tsunami relief efforts.
20 Dec 2006, Amritapuri


Amma leads the prayervideo
Amma leads the prayer, initiates all into the knowledge of alphabets & sings bhajans. Amma calls out Jai mata ki.
2 Oct 2006, Vijaya dashami celebrations, Amritapuri


Amma initates babies into the world of alphabetsvideo
Amma initates babies into the world of alphabets, first lessons of tabala, harmonium and veena.
2 Oct 2006, Vijaya dashami celebrations, Amritapuri

Amma's Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Padapujavideo
On Amma's birthday Amma reaches the stage, prostrates to all, Amma's padapuja is perfomed by the disciples, Guru strotram, 108 names, arati, Swamis and Amma's parents garlanding.
27 Sept 2006, Amritapuri

Dancing Celebrationvideo
A simple dance performed by Badukas of Ooty turns into a rousing celebration as everyone joins in and Amma claps and sings along.
27 Sept 2006, Amritapuri

Israeli Song and Dancevideo
Visitors from Israel sing cultural songs in Hebrew. Woman from Cameroon leads "Om Namah Sivayah" and sings "Happy Birthday to You."
27 Sept 2006, Amritapuri

Traditional Kerala Temple art performed by the students of Amma's Sanskrit school in Parippalli.
27 Sept 2006, Amritapuri

Bala Baskharvideo
Violinist Bala Baskhar and his ensemble play a rousing set of fusion rock for Amma and the gathered devotees.
26 Sept 2006, Amritapuri

Ambe Jagadambevideo
Amma sings the bhajan 'Ambe Jagadambe' on the eve of Amma's birthday.
26 Sept 2006, Amritapuri

Cultural Performancesvideo
Cultural performances by Amrita University students on the eve of Amma's Birthday.
26 Sept 2006, Amritapuri

Amma's Birthday Preparation

Icing on the Cakevideo
Amma visits the Kitchen on the eve of Her Birthday, sings with the volunteers chopping vegetables, kneads dough, and puts icing on a cake.
26 Sept 2006, Amritapuri

Birthday Laddusvideo
Devotees stay up all night in the Main Hall to make ladus which Amma will give as prasad during darshan on Her 53rd Birthday.
26 Sept 2006, Amritapuri

Mud Sevavideo
Getting your best whites dirty is not even a thought when Amma comes and helps with mud seva in the pouring rain.
25 Sept 2006, Amritapuri


Amma cradling the new born of tsunami victimvideo
Amma cradling the new born of Priya, a tsunami victim who lost her two children in the 2004 tsunami. Priya's daughter's life was made possible due to a fallopian-tube recanlisation surgey provided by the Ashram.
17 Sep 2006, Amritapuri

Sri Krishna Jayanti

"Bolo Bolo Gokula Bala"video
The crowd claps their hands and sways to and fro while Amma dances.
14 Sep 2006, Amritapuri

"Aagatanai Aagatanai Vishnudevan"video
At midnight in Amritapuri, a section of the Bhagavatam was read aloud, Sri Krishna was born, Amma sang "Aaganai aagatanai."
14 Sep 2006, Amritapuri

Radha & Krishnavideo
Amma couldn't believe her eyes and burst into laughter when brahmachari Sivan, who plays tabla for Amma's bhajans came dressed as Radha
14 Sep 2006, Amritapuri

Children successfully break the Uri (pot), Amrita University students form a human pyramid, Amma plays with water balloons, chants "Hari Bol"
14 Sep 2006, Amritapuri

Shobhayatra on Sri Krishna Jayanthivideo
Children dressed as little Krishnas, Radhas, Gopis and Gopas walk in procession from the Ashram to a local Krishna Temple and back.
14 Sep 2006, Amritapuri

Ganesh Caturthi

Ganesh Pujavideo
Ganesh Puja, Feeding Ram, Night Bhajans, Parippalli Dance, Arati.
2 Sep 2006, Amritapuri

Bathing Elephantsvideo
Ashram elephants are given a bath
Sep 2006, Amritapuri

Procession to the oceanvideo
Students, ashramites, visitors, children, villagers and musicians dance and clap in the procession to the ocean.
2 Sep 2006, Amritapuri

Ganesh is immersed in the oceanvideo
Ganesh is immersed in the ocean after a week of pujas, processions, and bhajans celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.
2 Sep 2006, Amritapuri

US Tour

Dance in the City of Angelesvideo
Amma dance to the request of the devotees in Los Angeles, USA to the tune "Bolo bolo nandakumara."
24 June 2006, Los Angeles, USA

"Children like this are the hope for the world, it is children like her who will change the world," Amma said.
2 June 2006, Seattle, USA

Bharata Yatra

Arati Walkvideo
A wonderful walk through the central aisle during arati in Mumbai. "Patitodhara nirantara hridaye Amritanandamayi..."
2 March 2006, Mumbai

In Amma's Armsvideo
A touching moment when Amma takes into her arms someone brought straight from the hospital.
23 Feb 2006, Nagpur

From the Hyderabad Ashramvideo
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Reddy's speech, Amma's satsang, chanting of mantras and Amma receiving many people afflicted with blindness and other physical problems.
20 - 21 February, Hyderabad

Amma's Bhajans top viewvideo
A beautiful arial view of the stage during Amma's bhajans. Amma singing "Sreenivasa Venkataramana."
20 -21 February, Hyderabad

Lunch Stop & Amma's Satsangvideo
On the way from Davengere to Hyderabad, Amma stopped with the buses for a lunch brake. We see her here, serving food and giving a satsang about the meaning of yatra (spiritual journey).
18 Feb 2006, Davengere to Hyderabad

Huge Karwarvideo
Views of the crowds, dances, bhajans, chanting, darshan and Amma leaves the next day after being onthe stage for 18 hours straight.
14 February 2006, Karwar

Mangalore programvideo
Includes procession, puja, crowd view, distribution of pensions for the physically challenged, and Amma leaving the venue the next day after giving darshan to tens of thousands.
13 Feb 2006, Mangalore

Knocking down the differencesvideo
Video of Amma's public program in Kottakkal, Malappuram, Kerala.
7 Jan 2006, Malappuram

New Year 2006

Amma's satsang and dancevideo
New Year celebrations at Amritapuri. Amma's satsang and dance.
1 Jan 2006, Amritapuri

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