Amma's arrival in Amritapuri

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Amma's arrival in Amritapuri after her programmes in Japan/North/South America

6 August 2007 —Amma arrived in Amritapuri today after having been away for over 9 weeks during which she held programmes in Japan, US, Canada, Chile, and Brazil

Amma's camper entered through the north entrance of the Ashram via Beach Road. At the base of Amma's home, hundreds of people had gathered. As she climbed the steps to her room, she paused for a few minutes gazing down at her children gathered below. Upon reaching the top of the steps, Amma shouted out 'Mata Rani Ki...... ' and the responding 'Jai' erupted even louder from the gathered crowd. Then Amma turned and disappeared out of sight around the corner.

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