Video of Amma's programme in Tokyo

Amma in Tokyo

26 May 2007 —Tokyo, Japan

Amma began two days of programmes at Tokyo's Ajinomoto Stadium. This is the 17th year Amma has visited Japan.

Sri Vibhav Upadhyay, Director of the Indian Center, which deals with Indo-Japanese relations, from cultural to economic spoke.

“India and Japan should be good friends, and I’ve been working on this for ten years. Its very important that all of Asia come together and live peacefully. Communication is the key. Proper communication between different cultures and nations can be a big problem. Amma’s role in this is very big, because whatsoever the language cannot communicate, our hearts make it possible. Spirituality makes communication possible. So I am hoping Amma’s teachings and activities will bring us together. “

Professsor Tsuyoshinara, Professor Emeritus of linguistics of the Tokyo Gaidei University. “Language is more powerful when we put Love behind it.”

Professor Fujita of Tokyo University welcomed Amma to the city. In his speech, he said that Tokyo University is currently accepting students from Amrita University and collaborating on VLSI projects.

“You may think that Japan is much more advanced in these technologies, but in fact India is much better in designing, and many corporations make orders from India.”

He then inaugurated Amma’s most recently translated book in Japanese – Eternal Wisdom.

Medha Sananda, head of the Japan branch Ashram of the Ramakrishna mission also came to receive Amma’s blessings.

The Nepalese ambassador to Japan, Mr. Paras Gihimire, and his wife Prabina Ghimire, came for Amma’s Darshan.

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