Amma Videos 2007

Xmas celebration in Amritapuri video
Thousands of people came to celebrate Christmas in Amma’s divine presence at Amritapuri.
24 December 2007, Amritapuri, Kerala.

Amma's US Yatra Winter - 2007

Amma in San Ramon, California video
Amma held five days of programmes in San Ramon, California.
22-26 November 2007 San Ramon, California.

Amma in Michigan video
Amma held programmes in Michigan.
28 November – 2 December 2007

Amma's Europe Yatra 2007

Amma in Paris, France video
Amma held three days of programmes in Toulon, France.
16-18 November 2007, Paris , France

Amma in Dublin, Ireland video
Amma held two days of programmes in Dublin, Ireland. This was Amma's fourth visit to the country.
13 -14 November 2007, Dublin, Ireland

Amma in Manheim, Germany video
Amma held three days of programmes in Manheim, Germany. Amma with she was greeted by devotees waving sparklers in celebration of Diwali – the Festival of Lights.
9 - 11 November 2007, Manheim, Germany

Amma in Barcelona, Spain video
Amma held three days of programmes in Barcelona, Spain. Local devotees welcomed Amma with a cake – marking the tenth anniversary of Amma's visit to their city.
5 - 7 November 2007, Barcelona, Spain

Amma in Toulon, France video
Amma held four days of programmes in Toulon, France.
31 October - 3 November 2007, Toulon, France

Amma in Milan, Italy video
Amma held four days of programmes in Milan, Italy.
21 -23 October 2007, Milan, Italy

Amma in Munich video
Amma held three days of programmes in Munich. This marked the 20th year that Amma has visited the city.
21 -23 October 2007, Munich, Germany

Amma in Swiss video
Amma in Switzerland.
17 -19 October 2007, Winterthur, Switzerland

Amma in Holland video
From Paris, Amma travelled to ‘s Hertogenbosh, in Holland for three days of programmes on October 13, 14, 15. In the midst of the devotees there was young girl named Sudhamayi who sat next to Amma during Bhajans and was given a microphone to sing along!
13 - 15 October 2007, s Holland

Cinema Verite awards Amma video
Cinema Verite honouring Amma in acknowledgment of her role as a force for world peace and harmony, actress Ms. Sharon Stone then presented Amma with a silver necklace and locket.
13 October 2007, Paris, France

Amma in London video
Amma held three days of programmes in London's Alexandra Palace.   It was Amma's 20th year visiting the UK.
5 - 7 December 2007, London.

Amma's Birthday 2007

Pada Puja ceremonies video
Pada Puja ceremonies on the morning of Amma's 54th Birthday began with chanting the Guru Stotram followed by Amma's 108 names.
27 September 2007, Amritapuri

Cultural Performances by the students video
Plays, short skits, dances, and stories - each incorporating a different aspect of India's rich culture spanning Kashmir to Kanyakumari by the students of Amrita Educational Institutions.
27 September 2007, Amritapuri

Birthday wishes to Amma video
Some celebrities and leaders who wished Amma ‘Happy Birthday’. Former US President Bill Clinton, Dr. Jane Goodall, Amartya Sen.

Birthday kitchen video
The temporary kitchen for Amma's 54th Birthday. Huge fire pits were dug into the ground of a floor that will someday become a classroom or lecture hall.
26 - 28 September 2007, Amritapuri

Amma singing 'Mata Rani Ne Kripa Barsayi' video
Amma singing the super hit Punjabi song 'Mata Rani' at the end of darshan
28 September 2007, Amritapuri

Vriksha Raksha Bandhan

Amma tying ribbon around a sapling video
Students from Amrita University's Amrita brought a sapling to Amma during darshan. Amma lovingly tied a ribbon around and kissed it. Vriksha Raksha Bandhan was in response to Amma's wish that we all try to care for Mother Nature
3 September 2007, Amritapuri

Krishna Jayanthi

Krishna Jayanthi celebration in Amritapuri video
Amma gives message, sings and dances, Uriyadi and processsion
3 September 2007, Amritapuri

Colourful Onam Celebrations

Amma sings and dances on Onam video
Amma gives message, sings Mata Rani, and, at the request of her children, dances to Amrita Vahini during Onam
27 August 2007, Amritapuri

Amma serves OnaSadya lunch prasad on Onam video
Amma serves thousands of ashramites, visitors, and villagers lunch prasad on Onam
27 August 2007, Amritapuri

Amma feeds Ram and Lakshmy on Onam video
After serving lunch to thousands of people, Amma feeds Ram and Lakshmi, the Ashram Elephants.
27 August 2007, Amritapuri

Self Help Groups celebrate Onam in Amritapuri video
Women from Self Help Groups in Allappad Panchyat came to Amritapuri to celebrate Onam. Over 100 women from 14 Self Help Groups nurtured by the MAM held a day of competitions in Amritapuri.
22 August 2007, Amritapuri

India60 - Independence Day Celebrations

Independence Day at Amritapuri video
Students from Amrita University put on a number of skits, dances and songs celebrating India's freedom and paying homage to the great souls who offered their lives for the country's libetarion.
15 August 2007, Amritapuri

Amma waving Indian Flag video
Amma waving Indian National Flag
15 August 2007, Amritapuri

Amma Arrives At Amritapuri

Amritapuri Arrivalvideo
Amma arrived in Amritapuri today after having been away for over 9 weeks during which she held programmes in Japan, US, Canada, Chile, and Brazil.
Amritapuri, 06 Aug 2007

Amma's Programs in Toronto, Canada

Amma in Torontovideo
Amma held public programs as well as a three day retreat in Toronto, Canada. 
20 - 23 July 2007, Richmond Hill

Amma's Programs in USA

Amma in Bostonvideo
Amma held public programs and a three day retreat in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
15 -18 July 2007, Marlborough

Amma in New Yorkvideo
Amma held three days of public programs at the Manhattan Center in New York City.
11- 13 July 2007, Manhattan Center, Newyork

Amma in Chicagovideo
Amma held two days of public programs in suburban Chicago, Illinois, USA.
5 -6 July 2007, Oak Brook Hills Marriott Resort

Amma in Dallasvideo
Amma held two days of public programmes in Dallas, Texas. She was welcomed by Joe Chow, Mayor of the Town of Addison.
29 -30 June 2007, Hotel Inter-Continental

Amma in New Mexicovideo
Amma held two public programmes and a three day retreat. She was greeted by Clayton Brascoupe, Tribal Council Member and spiritual leader of the Pueblo of Tesuque.
23 - 27 June 2007, Hotel Albuquerque

Amma in Los Angelesvideo
Amma held programs in Los Angeles, USA.
17 - 21 June 2007, Hilton Los Angeles

Amma in San Ramonvideo
Amma was at her San Ramon Ashram just outside of San Francisco, California in early June for 10 days of programs.
Bay Area, 5 - 15 June 2007

Amma's Programs in Japan

Amma in Kobe, Japan video
Amma visited Kobe, Japan thousands of people came to meet Amma for the first time. The Consulate General of India, warmly welcomed Amma,
26 May 2007 —Kobe, Japan

Amma in Tokyo, Japan video
Amma began two days of programmes at Tokyo's Ajinomoto Stadium. This is the 17th year Amma has visited Japan.
26 May 2007 —Tokyo, Japan

Amma's Bharata Yatra 2007

Amma in Delhi video
Amma was given a welcome in Delhi;
28 March 2007—New Delhi

Amma in Jaipur video
Amma was given a traditional Rajasthani welcome. Rajasthan Governor Anshuman Singh spoke, "Amma is painting the picture of a new Bharat."
24 March 2007—Jaipur, Rajasthan

Amma in Amdavad, Gujarat video
Amma was welcomed by Sri. Narendra Modi, the Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat. Modi praised Amma for her service to mankind and for the inspiration she is providing to the world
21 March 2007 — Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Amma in Bangalore video
Amma held a two day Brahmasthanam festival in Bangalore.
4 March 2007 — Bangalore, Karnataka

Amma in Mumbai video
Amma was welcomed to Shivaji Park by traditional Maharashtran trumpeting and devotees in traditional dress with lit oil lamps and flower petals.
15 March 2007 Shivaji Park, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Amma announces 200 crore project video
Amma announces Rs. 200 crore project to Curb farmer suicide . Chief minister of Maharashtra Vilasrao Deshmukh held a high-level meeting with Amma at the Sahyadri government guest house
15 March 2007 Mumbai, Maharashtra

Amma in Punevideo
Amma held a public programme at Shinde High School Grounds in Sahakar Nagar, Pune.
11 March 2007—Sakar Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra

Amma in Hyderabad video
Sri. Raghuveera Reddy, the Honourable Minister of Agriculture for Andhra Pradesh praised Amma's integration of spirituality with social service. "Amma is doing things that, in fact, the government does not dare undertake."
9 March 2007 — Mahendra Hills, Hyderabad-Secunderabad, Andra Pradesh

Amma in Bangalore video
Amma held a two day Brahmasthanam festival in Bangalore.
4 March 2007 — Bangalore, Karnataka

Amma in Maduraivideo
One day public programme at the Medical College Grounds.
2 Feb 2007, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Song and Dance for Amma in Covaivideo
Baduga sing and dance during Coimbatore Brahmastanam festival.
Amma joins in at the end of darshan.
Coimbatore Brahmasthanam Festival, 21 Jan 2007

Students &: Villagers Dance for Ammavideo
Amrita Vidyalayam students perform a dance, Ettimadai village folk dance.
Coimbatore Brahmasthanam Festival, 22 Jan 2007

Amma arriving at the Corporation stadium,
Dancers welcome. 170,000 people attended the eveing programme. Amma finished darshan the next day eveing 3 p.m.
6 Jan 2007, Kozhikode, Kerala.

Kavadiattom welcomes
Amrita vidyalayam students put up a music drama 'God's Own Country'.
6 Jan 2007, Kozhikode, Kerala.


Katha Kali in Amritapurivideo
The Sandarshan KathaKali Vidyalayam presented a performance of Krishna being reunited with Devaki (Krishna's birth mother). Even though Devaki recognizes Krishna as the Lord, she has sorrow because she was not able to witness his childhood lilas. So Krishna brings Yasoda to Devaki to explain about his childhood.
1 Jan 2007, Amritapuri.

New Year Celebrations 2007

Amma sings 'Hey Giridhara Gopala'.video
1 Jan 2007, Amritapuri.

Amma sings 'Every One in the World'.video
1 Jan 2007, Amritapuri.
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